Rhinoplasty Surgery in Seattle WA

Rhinoplasty is a popular plastic surgery operation in Seattle.
In fact, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), nose reshaping is the third most popular cosmetic surgery operation in the United States, with 223,000 procedures performed in the previous year. It’s not surprising that roughly a quarter of a million people choose rhinoplasty each year. The nose is a prominent feature that serves as the face’s focal point. Correcting this one flaw can often result in a more balanced and beautiful facial look.

A “nose job,” or cosmetic nose surgery, can improve the appearance and proportions of the nose, improve facial harmony, and boost self-confidence. It may also help to relieve breathing difficulties and rectify nasal irregularities according to https://www.seattlerhinoplastycenter.com. Dr. Portuese performs Seattle rhinoplasty treatments with accuracy and experience at The Seattle Rhinoplasty Center in Seattle to help you accomplish your cosmetic goals. Dr. POrtuese will discuss your treatment goals, examine your anatomy, and build a specific surgical plan for your nose job in Seattle when you come to the luxury, patient-focused The Seattle Cosmetic Surgery Center for a consultation.

Dr. Portuese, probably Seattle’s top rhinoplasty surgeon, has been in practice for over 20 years. He is one of the finest cosmetic surgeons in the Seattle area due to his considerable training, technical talents, and remarkable, natural-looking results. Learn more about Dr William Portuese

Who is a good candidate for rhinoplasty (nose reshaping)?

If you have a nose that is abnormally shaped due to genetics, accident, or disease.

If your nose is too big, droops, has a bulbous tip, a bump, or a hump, or has another visual problem.

If your nose is unsightly or does not blend in with the rest of your face.

If a previous rhinoplasty did not give you the results you wanted.

If you have a wide or flat nose due to ethnicity.

Rhinoplasty Surgical Techniques

In our Bellevue rhinoplasty process, there are two fundamental surgical approaches:

An incision is performed across the columella to make it open (the narrow strip of tissue that separates the nostrils).
The open method provides the surgeon with improved view, access, and precision while reshaping the nasal tissues.
The incision across the columella can be properly placed to hide the surgical scar.

All incisions are done inside the nose and are closed.
There are no visible scars, less operative time, less post-surgical edema, and a faster recovery using this procedure.

Desired Outcomes

A more appealing form.

Your nose should be balanced and proportionate to the rest of your face.

Maintain a subtle trace of ethnicity and a genetic foundation.

Surgical Procedures

The operation is done under general anesthesia as an outpatient surgery.

Our rhinoplasty in Seattle can be done in a variety of ways.
Depending on the architecture of the nose and the corresponding technical difficulties of the process, open or closed techniques are used.

The nose can be changed in every way.
The relationship between the width, length, and tip of the nose is given special consideration.

A functional defect, such as a deviated septum, is occasionally addressed.

Recuperation and healing after rhinoplasty (nose reshaping):

An external cast or splint is placed on our Bellevue rhinoplasty patients before they go home.
It is possible to pack the nose for up to 48 hours.
In most cases, the cast or splint is removed within one week.

Oral medicine helps to alleviate the first discomfort.

Over the course of 2-4 weeks, the majority of the swelling and bruising will go away.
Some residual edema, however, can last up to 6 months.

In 4-6 days, the external sutures are removed.
Internal sutures fall out.

In three months, the semi-final results will be revealed.
The final outcome can be seen after 12-14 months, which is the amount of time required for total tissue repair.

Additional Rhinoplasty Advantages

If you’re unhappy with the size, shape, or look of your nose, fixing the issues so you can have a nose you enjoy can help you feel more like yourself and boost your self-esteem.
The following are some of the advantages of our Seattle rhinoplasty surgery:

Aesthetics and facial balance: Correcting the nose can improve the appearance of the entire face.
The nose, as the most prominent facial feature, has a significant impact on the appearance of the surrounding features.
A rhinoplasty can restore face balance, attractiveness, and symmetry by repairing the nose.

Rhinoplasty can help with breathing by improving overall nasal function and air flow.
Better sleep, less snoring, more energy during the day, and a higher quality of life are all possible outcomes.

Better voice quality: As the patient’s breathing improves, our Seattle nose job surgery can improve the tone of their voice.
After the operation, your voice may be crisper and have less nasal tone.

Other nose reshaping (rhinoplasty) options and information:

An eyelid lift, brow lift, forehead lift, chin augmentation, lip augmentation, and laser skin resurfacing are some of the additional operations that may improve the outcomes of nose surgery.

The natural, elegant balance and harmony imparted to your face characteristics is one of the hallmarks of a rhinoplasty performed by Bellevue plastic surgeon, Dr. Portuese.
A nose that has been surgically changed is unattractive and unnatural-looking.
To conduct this operation right, you’ll need a true artist.

Rhinoplasty is one of the most delicate plastic surgery procedures, and it should be performed in a world-class, accredited surgical center that performs a large number of nose surgeries each month.
With our Seattle nose job, Dr. Portuese and his team have years of experience and skill in creating exceptional outcomes.

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